Focused on providing the next generation of leadership 

investment approach

Investment focus

We seek small to mid-size organizations ($2-5 million EBITDA) that are facing succession issues, seeking investment and opeational support, or are part of larger organizations seeking divestiture.  Our primary focus is on companies in the defense and security industry.  Our secondary focus is on niche manufacturing organizations with solid foundations looking to grow to the next level.
Acquisition structure

Given the size of the organizations we target, we believe that a unique approach to financial structure is required.  We do not use financial structure as the primary source of value creation.  Rather, we seek to provide acquisition finaning that:

- Provides protection in the event of short term downturns
- Accounts for cash needs to grow the organization
- Provides superior returns to investors, management and sellers
Organizational improvements

We believe that investment returns must be founded on solid fundamentals.  Combining aggressive sales growth, operational improvements and talent acquisition  will provided greater investor returns than financial engineering.  We provide significant experience in identifying focused opprotunities within an organization.  Where management talent is required, we provide experienced operators to lead these initiatives.  Our primary goal is to build upon th foundation already built and to provide the leadership and resources for the next phase of the organization's life cycle.